The Undetectable Donor Site

The Undetectable Donor Site

Adipose (Fat)
Stem Cell Assisted Follicular Unit Transplantation

The goal in hair restoration is to achieve naturalness in the recipient site and an undetectable donor site.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT), or transplanting the natural bundles of 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 hairs, all dissected under microscopes and utilized by a hair restoration surgeon experienced in aesthetic design, will achieve “Naturalness” in the recipient site.

Greco Medical Group has developed a proprietary way to use your Adipose tissue (fat), rich in stem cells, to heal the donor site faster producing an undetectable donor site.

The patient (below) has had one session of follicular unit hair transplantation with Adipose Assisted Stem Cells.  His frontal hairline was restored and the patient’s own fat derived stem cells were applied to his donor site, then used as a graft culture medium and finally the cells were injected into his scalp prior to graft implantation to produce the optimal environment for hair growth.
This procedure was first presented by Dr. Greco at the Second Congress of PRP and Growth Factors in Dermatology on Jan., 18th, 20013 in Milan, Italy. Call today for your appointment with the faculty and innovators in hair restoration!

The best way to evaluate a patient is to arrange a personal, in-depth consultation. However, this is impossible for many patients who fly in from other parts of the country or world. For this reason we have developed the remote consultation package, which is an acceptable alternative to the in-person personal consult.

Once your photos and questionnaire are reviewed, we will telephone you to discuss your questions or concerns regarding the procedure. You will also be given a suggested treatment plan and the costs involved. Click here for more complete information on our free on-line hair restoration consultation process.

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