Areas Treated

Treating the Pain

Advancements in pain management techniques

Knee Pain & Treatment

Knee Pain - Non-Surgical Areas Treated

The knees are one of the most important weight bearing joints along with hips and ankles. This joint also rotates and twists, providing full mobility to the legs …

Neck & Back Pain Treatment

Neck and Back Pain - Non-Surgical Areas Treated

There is an alternative!  Greco Medical Group offers Orthobiologic treatments like PRP and our exclusive purified next generation CRP

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder Pain - Non-Surgical Areas Treated

We have to get away from the paradigm that we think we can fix everything with a pill or surgery. Cortisone shots usually are not injected into tendons …

Elbow Pain & Treatment

Elbow Pain - Non-Surgical Areas Treated

A new study supporting the use of PRP for the treatment of tennis elbow was presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons …

Wrist & Hand Pain Treatment

Wrist and Hand Pain - Non-Surgical Areas Treated

When it comes to wrist/hand problems, our three main goals at Greco Medical Group are to avoid surgery, alleviate pain without drugs, and increase the patient’s activity …

Foot & Ankle Pain Treatment

Foot and Ankle Pain - Non-Surgical Areas Treated

We are fortunate to have life-changing surgery and medications to manage pain but we need to utilize our own body’s fantastic natural healing mechanisms …

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