Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) plays an important role in soft tissue healing

Six years ago Greco Medical Group was one of the first clinics in the world utilizing a patient’s own growth factors (proteins) in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to treat acne scars and stimulate a new collagen for skin rejuvenation. Since then, we have evolved and are now utilizing a more advanced, purer form of PRP called Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP). Our CRP method utilizes your “pure gold” cellular material devoid of cells rather than a bloody red color containing red blood cells in PRP.

Self Regeneration with Your Natural Growth Factor


“What we have been developing and using since 2007 is now becoming mainstream as you can see the Congress listed below in Geneva, Switzerland”.


In Fig 1, below is one of our first Bio facial patients, in 2007, using PRP. Note the neck and jaw enhancement, as well the fullness in the cheek areas. This patient’s had both injections of PRP and micro needling of her skin.

Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation

fig 1


While we still use PRP, since 2007 our technology has progressed and in bio-facial rejuvenation treatments today we use CRP, a more refined form of PRP, there are no cells just “analytical grade growth factors in a protein matrix complex”.

In addition to the growth factor/extra cellular matrix complex, which promotes new collagen synthesis, we also utilize a proprietary formula of vitamins, anti-oxidants and vital nutrients with the CRP. The reason for this is with the aging process (hormonal changes) and photo aging (sun damage) important intracellular nutrient’s are lost and this formula replaces and restores these lost nutrients.

Treatments can be more aggressing with injections for specific areas including mid face fullness, nasal labial folds, around the eyes etc. or simply focused on what you would like to accomplish.

You do not have to go to Europe to achieve what we have been developing and teaching physicians the past five years.

BioFacial Procedure Featured on Fox 13 News TV

PRP Improves Aging Skin


Evidence Based Study

By Gilbert Amgar, Christian Bonnet, Alain Butnaru
and Fabienne Herault-Bardin


Autologous platelet rich plasma (PRP) plays an important role in soft tissue healing. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of this facial skin treatment through objective parameters. Biometric parameters, including anisotropy, transepidermal water loss (TEWL), micro-relief, and hydration were used to determine the relative success of the treatment. The study, which included 37 female patients, demonstrated an average of 24% improvement in the anisotropy coefficient after the third week. The TEWL and micro-relief parameters also improved significantly (P < 0.05 in all parameters tested). In addition to these results, this study suggests that certain measured values may be used to predict the success of the aesthetic use of PRP.

This is an excellent evidence based study by Dr. Gilbert Amgar, a friend from Paris and aesthetic physician who specializes in “self rejuvenation” utilizing cellular PRP therapy. We are finally getting much needed objective studies to verify what we have been saying and doing with Bio-Facial skin rejuvenation since 2007.

Bio Facial Skin Rejuvenation

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