PRP Grows Hair Faster and Denser!

PRP Grows Hair Faster and Denser!

Independent Study

A newly published independent study, Oct. 2013, in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery,  “Promotional Effect of Platelet Rich Plasma on Hair Follicle Reconstitution in vivo” concluded that “there as a considerable effect of PRP on the time of hair formation and the yield of HF reconstitution” when compared to controls with no PRP.

Journal of Dermatologic Surgery

Additionally, higher level of PRP concentrations “grew hair sooner and denser than no PRP.”

While there are some growth factors that are negative for hair this study confirms our position since 2007 that the “combination of all the growth factors in PRP are positive for hair” and higher levels of growth factors or concentrations of PRP are more effective.

In 2007, Greco Medical Group was the first to incorporate the use of Biologics in all phases of hair transplant surgery called “Bio Enhanced Hair Restoration” and first in the use of “Non-surgical PRP” for hair improvement. New independent studies like this verify the effectiveness of our Bio-Enhanced hair procedures.
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