Hair Transplantation into Facial Scars

Hair Transplantation into Facial Scars

One of the down sides of Facial surgery is scaring hair loss and one of the most rewarding procedures in hair restoration is “restoring those sacred areas with hair”. To successfully remove the scar area and frame the face requires experience, an understanding of aesthetic design and the ability to growth hair in an area of poor circulation.

The patient, in the photo above, presented with a large scar that extended from her forehead to behind her right ear. Since females have three different layers of hair on their lateral hairline it is important to restore all three layers to produce a natural symmetry. If one were to only transplant the scar the result would not be as natural.

The other challenge is “graft survival” in a scar. Since we began using cellular therapy in hair transplantation (2007) our yield of grafts into scars has improved significantly because the growth factors promote new blood vessel formation to the graft in a poor area of circulation.

This type of specialty work is extremely successful if done right and allows both male and female patients various styling options.

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