Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Treatment for Hair Loss Disease in Florida

Greco Medical Group researcher, Joseph Greco, PhD, pioneered the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, as a non-surgical treatment for hair loss disease. While cellular therapy is still considered experimental it is safe because only your cells are used and nothing is added to your blood.

In 2008, Dr. Greco received a research grant from the International Society of Hair Restoration to study the “Effects of Autologous PRP and Various Growth Factors in Non Transplanted Hair”. Then in 2009, Dr. Greco and Robert Brandt received a second research grant by the ISHRS to study “The Effects of Autologous Growth Factors (PRP) in Alopecia Areata”.

Since the initial research of Dr. Greco, numerous studies and papers have been published confirming initial results regarding the importance of this adjunctive therapy that is being use around the world today for hair loss diseases.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration - Patient Results

How does it work?

By taking a small amount of your blood, then concentrating and separating the blood components, producing Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP.  Four percent of our blood is made of platelets and on the surface of the platelets are as many as 1100 growth factors or proteins, when concentrated, are capable of regenerating human cells.

The growth factors work in numerous ways to improve and regenerate hair by providing nutrition and promoting new blood supply to the follicle; increasing hair shaft size. Additionally, studies show the growth factors in PRP reduce inflammation in the scalp and turn on follicular stem cells.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration - Patient Results

What is CRP and how is it different than PRP? The Next generation!

Cytokine Rich Plasma, CRP, is simply a more purified form of PRP and the next generation of PRP. This more purified form of PRP contains higher levels of growth factors than PRP, but without red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets. CRP is a patent pending technology, which is proprietary and exclusive at Greco Medical Group.

We can also combine both PRP and CRP. The advantage of combining PRP with CRP for hair improvement is an immediate burst of growth factors (nourishing proteins) from CRP and then a delayed action release over time of the growth factors from PRP.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration - Cellular Protein Matrix

What is an Extra Cellular Matrix?

The next generation of PRP is the addition of extracellular “matrix” (ECM).  Independent studies conclude that “GF/ECM complexes may well be the most effective and efficient method to stimulate cell proliferation, as well as tissue healing or regeneration”.

Greco Medical Group uses a patented protein matrix (made form the serum of your blood) that when processed and mixed with PRP provides a cellular protein scaffold.

The purpose of the matrix is to provide a biological scaffold for the new cells to attach and proliferate. Figure 8 below is a low resolution and high resolution Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) view of the concentrated protein matrix.

Since it takes the body longer to break down the concentrated protein, the growth factors remain in the area of injury longer, promoting the formation of new blood supply to the follicles increasing the density of the hair shaft.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration - PRP & CRP

Is PRP equally effective in both men and women? Yes!

The past 7 years, and over 4,000 treatments, there have been positive results in both men and women in about 70% of our patients.  The most important feature of this regenerative therapy is that there have been no adverse side effects reported.

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