Faculty Invitation for Regenerative Medicine Training

Faculty Invitation for Regenerative Medicine Training

TOBI 3rd Annual PRP & Regenerative Medicine Symposium

Joseph F Greco, PhD, PA/C has been invited to participate on the faculty of the TOBI 3rd Annual PRP & Regenerative Medicine Symposium with Cadaver Lab in Los Angeles, California July 13-16th, 2012.

This is a three-day course teaching physicians ultrasound-guided techniques injecting Platelet Rich Plasma PRP for Orthopedic injuries such as torn tendons, ligaments, knee, shoulder and hip arthritic conditions. The final day also includes training in Bone Marrow Aspirate and Stem cell injections.

“Dr. Greco will speak on “ Alternative Applications for Autologous Cellular Therapy” and be on the faculty in the Cadaver Lab teaching ultrasound guided techniques and illustration Bone Marrow Aspiration devices for stem cell treatment”.

The invited Faculty includes some of the world’s leaders in growth factor/stem cell technology:

Dr. Patrick Goh, MBSS, MSS, Singapore
Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Rey, MD, Malaga, Spain
Dr. Sang-Hoon Lhee, MD, PhD, South Korea
Dr. Rahul N. Desai, MD,
Dr. MJ Martinelli DVM, PhD
Dr. Steven Sampson, DO, Director, Orthohealing Center, Santa Monica
Dr. Alberto Gobbi, MD, Oasi Bioresearch Foundation, Milan, Italy,
Dr. Joseph Greco, PhD, Greco Hair Surgery and Regenerative Medicine Dr. Jamie Textor, DVM, PhD, UC Davis
Dr. Babak Baravarian, DPM, UCLA
Dr José Fábio Lana, MD, Brazil
Dr. Joseph Purita, MD, USA
Dr. Danielle Aufiero, MD, Orthohealing Center, Santa Monica
Dr. Allan Mishra, MD, Stanford University
Dr. Jason Snibbe, MD, Snibbe Institute
Dr. Kenneth R. Mautner, Emory University

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