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Non Surgical Hair PRP / CRP

The Largest PRP Study For Hair Loss

Greco Medical Group involved in the largest PRP study for Hair   Platelet-Rich Plasma for Androgenetic Alopecia: A Pilot Study Giovanni Schiavone, MD, Desanka Raskovic, MD, Joseph Greco, PhD, PA/C, and Damiano Abeni, MD, MPHx The Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Surgery Unit, the Second Clinical Dermatology Unit, the Health Services Research Unit, IDI-IRCCS, Rome, Italy […]

The Women’s Hairloss Network

Enter PRP treatment. Or CRP treatment. I decided to give this a try. Why the hell not? I was seriously out of options for stopping this shed enough to even be able to wear the wigs I currently own and had already cut back the lace on both of them for blending. It’s try PRP […]

A History of Non-Surgical PRP Hair Therapy

Greco Medical Group researcher, Joseph Greco, PhD, pioneered the use of Platelet Rich Plasma PRP as a non-surgical adjunctive treatment for hair loss disease. While cellular therapy is still considered experimental it is safe because only your cells are used and nothing is added to your blood. In 2007, Dr. Greco published his use of […]

What is the difference between PRP and CRP?

Cytokine Rich Plasma, CRP, is simply a more purified form of PRP. This more purified form of PRP contains high levels of growth factors, without red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets and is the next generation of PRP. We can also combine both PRP and CRP. The advantage of combining PRP with CRP […]

Our Research Study

Discussion of PRP Whole blood is drawn and centrifuged to separate the blood components; RBC’s, WBC’s, proteins and platelets. Essentially, the percentage of platelets and RBC’s are reversed so that PRP contains over 90% platelets and about 4% RBC’s when compared to whole blood, hence the name platelet rich plasma. Platelets are really only cell […]

Other Independent PRP Studies

New Independent Study Demonstrates “New” hair growth and “Denser” hair with PRP  PRP for Androgenic Alopecia,  by Gilbert Amgar, MD and Pierre Bouhanna, MD, Paris, France. Dr Gilbert Amgar and Pierre Bouhanna, MD, both physicians who are experienced in hair restoration and autologous cellular therapy, have completed a study utilizing PRP for male and female pattern […]

The Women’s Hairloss Network

Several months back I had my 7th PRP treatment by Dr. Joseph Greco in Clearwater, Florida – I made a ridiculously long video when I was at the hotel about my reasons for continuing my PRP even though I now wear wigs full time. So I’m here today giving you a MUCH shorter video update […]

Photos Non-Surgical

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PRP work to treat hair loss? Growth factors are present in the follicular bulge area, where stem cells are found, and they interact with cells of the matrix, thus activating the proliferative phase of the hair. Stem cells are more primitive and of ectodermal origin; they give origin to the epidermal cells and […]

Dr. Joe Greco – Guest on Health IQ | WSRQ 106.9FM, Sarasota

Click on the icon to listen to Dr. Joe Greco insightful interview on Health IQ with Heidi Godman on WSRQ 106.9FM Sarasota. Dr. Greco spoke about hair loss, and all aspects of hair regeneration, surgical and non-surgical biologic treatment advances. If the sound bite does not play, you can download it by right clicking HERE and saving […]

Testimonials for Non Surgical Hair PRP

Dr. Greco I wanted to say how much I have loved the treatment on my scalp. It’s the 2nd time I have had it done and I really saw major results! I saw hair growth and thickening results within 2 months. I will continue to do the procedure once a year! Everyone is super nice […]

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