Non Surgical Hair PRP and CRP

Non-Surgical PRP/ CRP Questions

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  What will I look like after surgery?
  Is the procedure painful?
  Will I lose any existing hair after the transplant?
  What is the difference between micro grafts and follicular units?

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Other Frequently Asked Questions

  How long Platelet Rich Plasma been used?
  Can Platelet Rich Plasma be used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments?
  Is it normal for your hair to shed after PRP treatments?
  What type of hair loss can be treated using PRP therapy?
  What is the average cost for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment?
  How long does a PRP treatment take to perform?
  Is it necessary to have more than one PRP treatment?
  How often does a PRP treatment have to be repeated?
  Does the PRP treatment hurt?
  How quickly can I resume my normal activities after PRP treatments?
  Can Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy cause Cancer?
  Can Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy cause Infections?
Is PRP Approved by the United States FDA?
  What type of aftercare is required?
Is PRP equally effective in both men and women?