Internationally Recognized Leaders in Biologic Hair Restoration

Leaders in Biologic Hair Transplants


Greco Medical Group is a three-generation family specializing in hair restoration the past 65 years that has treated thousands of males and females from over 70 countries, including the most recognizable personalities’ in business, sports and entertainment.

Internationally recognized as an innovator in hair restoration, Joseph F. Greco, PhD, PA/C, is a widely published lecturer, teacher was the Director of Clinical Research of a Biotechnical company specializing in growth factor stem cell technology.

Dr. Greco pioneered the use of growth factor technology “in all phases of hair transplant surgery” and “non-surgical treatments of hair loss diseases in Male / Female pattern hair loss, Alopecia Areata”.

In addition to developing proprietary biotechnology, Dr. Greco, received and completed three research grants sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration, which led to important concepts improving yield of transplanted hair, like the Crush Study and H-Factor. He also developed numerous surgical instruments and is has contributed to three patents in growth factor technology. Since 2013, Dr. Greco, contributed three textbook chapters for the use of biologics in hair regeneration. He is the Medical Director of Hair Restoration for New Life Regenerative Medicine and is a Faculty member in the Department of Integrative Medicine at George Washington University.

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