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Contrary to what they have been told, many women are good candidates for hair transplantation.

Contrary to what they have been told, many women are good candidates for female hair transplantation. Some surgeons, say “only 20% of women are candidates for permanent hair transplantation”; I would say; “only 20% are not candidates for permanent hair transplantation”. One study in the UK indicated that female hair restoration surgery has increased by 89%; which makes sense to us because 40% of the surgery patients at Greco Medical Group are women.  While women have a different pattern of hair loss than males there are a variety of procedures that yield excellent results.

Hair Restoration Surgery for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Hair Transplants

The photo here is a typical female pattern hair loss patient with one session of follicular unit transplantation. This is her result at 10 months. When transplanting into hair bearing scalp it generally takes at least 8 months before patients see a difference and full maturity takes 12 to 15 months. The upside of female hair transplantation is that it is permanent.

Since we began using stem cells with PRP and CRP in hair transplantation we can now achieve an undetectable donor scar and observe hair yield sooner and denser.

Hair Transplant Surgery for Facial Framing

Female Hair Transplants

Hair loss around the face affects 90% of males and women during the aging process.  While the most common request among patients is to “restore their frontal hairline”, when attention is directed to hair loss on the lateral hairlines (sides) patients say, “ I never really thought about that”. Curiously, many hair restorations specialists also ignore hair loss in the temples. While it is a more difficult restoration it is the most effective way to restore a more natural youthful look.

The patient in the photo had significant hair loss around her face. In addition to restoring the frontal hairline both lateral hairlines were also restored. When restoring lateral hairlines all three layers must be restored in a step down, layering fashion to achieve a natural look. This requires experience, understanding of aesthetic design and very skilled assistants to meticulously place individual follicular units.  Facial Framing cases, such as this one, are very successful and result in a “ten year younger look”!  At Greco Hair Surgery we prefer to do the more challenging specialty cases like this one as well as eyebrow transplantation and facial scar revision transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Surgery for Facial Scars

Female Hair Transplants

One of the down sides of cosmetic Facial Surgery is scaring hair loss and one of the most rewarding procedures in hair restoration is “restoring those sacred areas with hair”. To successfully remove the scar area and frame the face requires experience, an understanding of aesthetic design and the ability to growth hair in an area of poor circulation.

The patient in the photo presented a large scar that extended from her forehead to behind her right ear. Since women have three different layers of hair on their lateral hairline it is important to restore all three layers to produce a natural symmetry. If one were to only transplant the scar the result would not be as natural.

The other challenge is “graft survival” in a scar. Since 2007, when we introduced using cellular therapy (PRP, CRP) in all phases of hair transplantation, our yield of grafts into scars has improved significantly. The growth factors promote new blood vessel formation to the graft in a poor area of circulation. This type of specialty work is extremely successful if done right, and allows both male and female patients various styling options.

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