Facial Framing

Facial Framing

Brings balance, perspective and beauty

The same principal is used when designing the facial framing. (Lower) The eyes are the focal point (Blue lines) and the secondary focal point is created with the intersecting angles (Green line) that will be the frontal hairline peak.

This author utilizes a transparent rectangular Picture Plane/View Finder, with pre drawn vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. It is placed in front of the patients face (Above) and marks are made on the viewfinder directly on the eyes. Measurements are then taken from the exact center of the patients face to create the frontal hairline. By turning the Picture Plane laterally, measurements can be taken from the eyes and the lateral temporal peaks are then marked if restoration is required there.

The patient below had a brow lift and while it achieved the desired results, it brought attention away from the eyes rather than toward the eyes.

Framing and sculpting the three hairlines brings balance, perspective and beauty to this patient.

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